Message from the Chair of St Peters Quarter
I am delighted to be chairing the re-ballot for the St Peters Quarter Business Improvement District (BID). Over the last five years, the additional improvements that the BID has made to the area has been greatly appreciated.
To lose it, and our collective voice at this time, would set us back years in our attempt to make the area a safe and pleasant place to work and live.

A Steering Group has also been set up which includes all Board Directors and other business representatives from around the area to lead the development of the new BID proposal, which will be put to the Ballot in February.

We will be reviewing all aspects of the proposal which was put to the vote last time including the boundary, levy criteria and the activities themselves. It is essential that the BID finds ways of building on the work of the first BID but focusing on the challenges we face within the area such as anti-social behaviour and making the place feel more welcoming and attractive.

Helen Wathall, Chair of St Peters Quarter Derby BID.

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