Closure Of The St Peters Quarter BID 31st August 2016

The St Peters Quarter Business Improvement District (BID) officially ended its five years of operations on Wednesday 31st August following a split vote on its renewal.
Businesses voted in the summer on the new five-year programme and the results of the secret ballot were announced on July 22.
At the final count, 50% voted in favour of the BID and these businesses held 57% of the rateable value
In order for the BID to be renewed, more than 50% of the businesses who voted were required to register a ‘Yes’ vote as well as holding more than 50% of the rateable value.
Since the close of play on Wednesday August 31, the St Peters Quarter BID office has been closed and a wide range of support services to businesses and projects have finished.

These services have included:
-    The two St Peters Quarter Rangers who have been made redundant
-    Business Watch crime schemes stopped
-    Link to the police via the Rangers or BID office no longer exist
-    Regular street entertainment (such as the St Peters Quarter Live events and Saturday singers) ceased
-    Sponsorship of and therefore involvement in annual events such as Derby Festé and Derby Folk Festival ended
-    Christmas lights in East St and business frontage Christmas trees across the area will not go up
-    Direct promotion of the area including social media, advertising features in local papers, press liaison and signage has stopped
-    The St Peters Quarter loyalty app taken off line.
-    BID window vinyls on empty shops and window strips on shops taken down
-    Hanging baskets and street floral displays will not be replaced
-    The St Peters Quarter BID no longer has a Project Manager

The new BID would have launched on September 1st 2016 with businesses paying a levy to raise around £210,000 a year, totaling over £1.2 million over the five year term of the BID to carry out a programme of improvements for the area. The cost of a business to pay the BID levy would have typically ranged from 24p to £1.20 per day.
The key concept under which a BID operates is that of ‘additionality’ - enabling businesses located in a BID area to deliver services over and above what the statutory services (such as the Council and police) would provide.
Key actions proposed under the new BID, had it been successful, would have included: working with Derbyshire Police to provide additional uniformed presence in the area and improve the response to issues; continuing the uniformed Rangers; extending the Business Watch crime reduction schemes and continued support from the BID to maintain and potentially extend the CCTV monitoring of the area.
There were also plans to smarten up St Peters Quarter to improve the environment and discourage anti social behaviour including targeted street cleaning, additional floral displays and Christmas lights, as well as an extension of the focus on promoting the area and the individual businesses within it.
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