Padley Group partner with Safe and Sound for summer project

30 Jul 2021

Safe & Sound Group who support children, young people and families affected by exploitation, have asked Padley Group to provide meals over the next four weeks to support vulnerable families taking part in their summer programme. This will include hot meals, packed lunches and recipe boxes for the children and their families. Meals will be prepared to support activities across the city and some ingredients will be delivered for cooking as a family at home.

Padley will also open its doors at the end of the day twice a week once we have finished the sessions with our regular clients to help the children and families learn how to make delicious and nutritious meals on a budget and provide wellbeing sessions to help the children and their families build confidence and resilience all whilst having fun.

Safe and Sound secured funding for the summer programme from the government’s expanded Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) for young people and families whose lives have been affected by child exploitation.

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